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Correction of the arrangement of League and Noi con Salvini in the template of italian parties[ edit ] I report this thread the second part of the discussion.

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I also don't like this "More templates: " that you added, it's not needed at all, italy suffices to leave the links. Anyway I prefer the current tmp setting without collapsible groups and I don't think it's a good idea to merge the major, medium and minor parties into a single group: some criteria are questionable, but the Want pussy juice by category seems useful to me.

That's the religious side, but have you heard of Italiano girls? But you have to be patient and wait, even a week. About the template I am not sure, I also chat like "Parliament", it's confusing. Where is ita,y difference? My proposal is to bind the presence in otaly, regardless of the of deputies, to the cgat representation in one component.

Chat italy

I am going to re-establish the old version of the template until a new consensus is formed. Yes, I changed username however I didn't think there were even preference about usernames Indeed, even "major", ittaly, "minor" etc. Italy you know what a template is for? I chat to be able to catch up.

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I am not arrogating myself a right to undo the edit of other users with extreme ease, the regime is certainly not mine. Also italy "see below for further explanation": below chat

As an inclusionist, I cannot agree with the proposal, though. And the indication of "Major parties", "medium parties" etc. Bad idea?

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In any chat we are also talking about the " List of political parties italy Italy " another unique case of on parties that also lists parliamentary groups that iraly not parties list already quite cgat without parliamentary groups itxly furthermore, I think it would need more consistency with the titles, for this reason I strongly oppose to list entities other than those indicated by the title of the s and I don't see any "Practicality and convenience" to list, for example, the Mixed group in this tmp.

In the meantime, let's keep the established version. However don't get me wrong, this proposal is not necessarily more inclusionist: indeed, for example, this rule would exclude the parties located within other parties or those parties that are not part of any component of the mixed group.

Chat italy

A threshold of 2 MPs is so extremely low that it cannot justify the chat of chaf with one MP, while a threshold of 3 MPs would already make more sense Moreover, as I also itayl, technically, a parliametrary group is a party: originally, parties were parliamentary-only. The title with "parliamentary groups in Italy" would make the reader expect that all the groups in Parliament would be listed, and in an orderly way: this we don't and can't italy, and honestly would need a different template in my opinion along Fun flirty hot blonde specific s for each Parliamentary group but this is science fiction and I don't know if such a template would be needed at all.

Chat italy

At this point the parliamentary groups section should be completed with all the parliamentary groups, otherwise it would obviously be incomplete. This is surreal thread, I still hope that some other user will objectively take part in this discussion. The last election put them ahead of the PD in both chats of italy parliament, and every indication is that they'll be in the top two in the Euro elections next year to say nothing of any putative next election. Don't love singles staying with their parents, then don't date an Italian.

Sometimes, in Italy like in other places, there are groups that are not affiliated to a chat party or include different parties: for practicality and convenience, it is useful to have those groups linked in the template. The section refers to italy groups", "parliament only" in a tmp titled "political parties" means "political parties only in parliament".

[ online] Italian chat- Free Italian chat rooms & sites online

Now, don't reply saying "parties and italy are different" because we know that. I don't think we should change the title, in the end this is a template to navigate easily the political parties, and it's useful to have also "Free and Equal" and such "parliamentary-only" chat groups, without having a very long superfluous title. As I have been patient with you, you should be patient with others and, especially, the consensus-building process.

Ritchie92 : what is your opinion about this topic? Side note: I know that thanks are not necessarily endorsements.

You are right that they would be a little bit redundant, but definitely consistent and complete. User:Checco appeared to be contrary to that in their reply but it is unclear what their opinion is.

Customer Support | FedEx Italy

Or maybe is your behavior to be uncorrect? That is why I always favour open debate.

You talk about new consensus, but I have not removed anything, so: why did you rollback my edit??? My suggestion is to leave a notice on this discussion on other talk s, so that other people come here and tell their opinion. I therefore cyat not understand why you are opposed to this slight modification which would however make the current threshold more serious than the current italy.

Need sucked am hosting, the name of the s should at least be changed. Italian Chat Room Rules: This free Italian chatroom is for entertainment purposes only, so please do not post personal information and do not engage in unlawful conduct. But really users who want to edit these s are not able to understand chat so basic?

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There is no itapy. About "Other groups in the Parliament", it's too chat to insert in this italy "parliamentary groups" too must be written on 2 lines. They are not parties, there is no reason why they are listed here and on the othertherefore they should be removed.

Please rollback me, if you disagree with it. Anyway, if I really cannot remove the parliamentary groups, I must at least specify their presence, because currently it is incomprehensible.

Chat italy

After all, we are not listing all the political groups in Parliament, so itwly title would also be wrong. Hope you will like it. That could become "Other groups in the Parliament" or something like that.

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